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buy_chevy_fxr-adapter-kit-only   2014+ Chevy Silverado FXR Adapter kit only
buy_chevy_minih1_kit   2014+ Chevy Silverado Mini H1 Retrofit kit (LT trucks only)
D2S40_chevy_retrofit-kit_hylux   2014+ Chevy Silverado Morimoto D2S 4.0 retrofit kit with Hylux Ballasts
buy_fxr-adapter-kit-only   2014+ GMC Sierra FXR Adapter kit only
buy_rx350-adapter-kit-only   2014+ GMC Sierra Lexus RX350 Adapter kit only
buy_rx350-bundle_gmc   2014+ GMC Sierra Lexus RX350 Retrofit bundle
buy_hid_kit   2014-15 Chevy Silverado & GMC Sierra HID kit
fxr_chevy_retrofit-kit_hylux   2014-15 Chevy Silverado FXR retrofit kit with Hylux Ballasts
gmc_fxr_retrofit-kit   2014-15 GMC Sierra 1500/2500/3500 FXR retrofit kit
fxr_retrofit-kit_no-HID   2014-15 GMC Sierra 1500/2500/3500 FXR retrofit kit without HID ballast/relay
buy_d2s4_sierra_kit_hylux   2014-17 GMC Sierra Morimoto Mini D2S 4.0 Kit with Hylux Ballasts
buy_d2s4_sierra_bracket_kit   2014-17 GMC Sierra Morimoto Mini D2S 4.0 Retrofit Bracket
buy_2014_gmc-sierra-halos   2014/15 GMC Sierra LED Concepts Halos (circle)
buy_2014_gmc-sierra-boards   2014/15 GMC Sierra LED replacement boards
buy_2014_gmc-sierra-xb_fogs   2014/15 GMC Sierra Morimoto XB fog lights
buy_morimoto_7443_gmc_sb   2014/15 GMC Sierra Morimoto xBLED 7443 LED Switchbacks
buy_2014_gmc-sierra-xc_halos   2014/15 GMC Sierra Morimoto XC (RGB) Halos
buy_35watt_d5s_HID   2015-17 GM 35 Watt HID upgrade (replaces 25watt)
led_2x2   3" Pod (2x2 leds) (single)
led_3x2   3" Pod (3x2 leds) (single)
buy_nnbs_silverado_match   Color Match Painting (single color)
tow_mirrors_gm   Custom GM Tow Mirrors
led_H16-HP48   Diode Dynamics H16 HP48 LED (pair)
led_H16-HP8   Diode Dynamics H16 HP8 LED (pair)
led_H16-XML2   Diode Dynamics H16 XML2 LED (pair)
led_H16-XP80   Diode Dynamics H16 XP80 LED (pair)
buy_morimoto_silverado   Morimoto XB LED Chevy Silverado Foglight Assembly
buy_xtorch_27   Morimoto XTorch 27" Bar
buy_morimoto_3157-switchbacks   NNBS Chevy Silverado Morimoto xBLED 3157 LED Switchbacks
buy_nnbs_sierra_clr   NNBS Sierra Cleared Headlights
buy_nnbs_silverado_clr   NNBS Silverado Cleared Headlights

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