2019-20 Sierra 1500 colormatch with Klearz

  • $725.00
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*Pricing includes return shipping your lights back to you.  We use UPS ground. If you want to have expedited shipping then we will bill via a PayPal invoice for the additional fee. 

This listing is for the service of colormatching 2019-2021 GMC Sierra 1500 headlights and installing Klearz lenses. You can specify your color in the checkout comments.  We offer a lifetime craftsmanship on all of our custom builds. This covers paint and any other defects that could be related to our work.

Customers must send in their lights or a set of lights to get this service performed. It will take 7 days to complete this service.  This service must be scheduled ahead of time to ensure parts are available as well as to be sure we are able to meet the 7 day turnaround time. Depending on the time of year we may need customers to wait a week or two before sending in their lights. Please do not order this service and expect to send your lights out to us that day and get them done in 7 days. Reach out to us at info@fastheadlights.com to check our current status and when you can send your lights.

Keep in mind that you will incur shipping costs to us.  Generally those charges average $50 (UPS Ground). You need to budget for packaging material. We strongly suggest bubble wrap (large bubbles). Expect to pay around $20 to $30 for enough wrap to safely ship your lights. Insure your lights for the full replacement value ($1600).  In planning your headlight project you should also factor in shipping time. East coast customers plan for 2 days to get lights to us. Midwest 3 days. West coast 5 days. Plan your shipments. If you ship on a Friday then the weekend will further delay the transit. Transit is generally done on business days (Monday thru Friday).  So if you are trying to determine how much time you will be without your lights just add up transit to us, build time of 7 days, transit back.