2020-21 GM Cab/Roof Lights White LED Conversion Kit

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This kit is now available as pre-order with an estimated shipping date of 5/31/21.  Be sure to also check out our switchback headlight DRL kit and mirror light kit.  Also shipping around 5/31/21.  For bulk purchasing (10 kits or more) discounts please email sales@fastheadlights.com.

For those of you with a 2020-21 GM HD truck with cab lights, we have a new white LED conversion kit.  Match the white running lights in your headlights and mirrors (if you purchase our mirror light kit). This kit is nice and bright too!  We do not offer this kit in a switchback configuration currently.  This is due in part to the hassle of customers having to run additional wiring to connect to turn signal circuit. 

In order to install this you do need to open up the cab lights, but don't worry because this can be done using a hot knife, Dremel or ultrasonic cutter.  Once the cab lights are open the install couldn't be any easier.  Just remove the factory boards, snap the new ones right in place of the old ones and reconnect the OEM plug.  No messing around with bulky LED drivers that go along with using LED strips.  This is a true OEM+ upgrade.

**How to videos coming soon.