2020-22 GM Tow Mirror Switchback DRL Kit

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This kit is designed for 2020-21 GM (Sierra and Silverado) HD trucks with tow mirrors.  This kit replaces the factory amber LED DRL boards and gives you a white running light with amber turn signal.

If you have a 2020-21 GM HD truck with tow mirrors and want to get a matching white running light while not losing your forward facing spot lights then this kit is for you!  Typically switchback mirror light setups are done using 6 inch switchback LED strips.  If you have the higher trim tow mirrors then you would end up losing the functionality of your forward facing spot lights when slapping 6 inch strips in your mirror lights.  Don't do that!  Use our LED boards instead.  The additional benefit of this kit is that your don't have the hassle of all the wiring that comes with installing 6 inch strips.  This kit is practically plug n play.

In order to install this kit you do need to disassemble your mirrors and cut open your mirror lights with a Dremel.  Let's put it this way, if you can get your mirrors off your truck and disassemble them in order to get to the mirror lights, then you are more than capable of cutting open your mirror lights.  Don't have a Dremel?.....well, now you have an excuse to go buy a tool that you probably should have in your garage anyway ;)  Directions (video and written) are included in the kit. 

 Please allow to 5 to 10 days processing time on orders.

Install video: