Project Reservation Deposit

Project Reservation Deposit

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Attention!!! Please read all the information below and watch videos before proceeding with reservation purchase.

This is to be used to reserve your headlight, mirror paint work and other customization projects on the Fastheadlights' calendar. The $100 reservation deposit will be applied towards your headlight project cost. If you are unable to get us your parts on or before your scheduled appointment date and need to cancel then your deposit will not be refunded. Please don't put a deposit down to reserve your project date if you are uncertain on whether you are fully able to commit to getting them to us on time.

Please use the following calendar to check on our availability to get your project done. Directions included below the calendar.


Video on how to reserve appointment and pay deposit:

Simply click on a date on the calendar, select the 9am time slot and put in the information requested. Once complete, this will secure your spot on our calendar. Please then proceed with paying the $100 reservation deposit. In the checkout comments please include the following information:

1. Date you reserved on the calendar above
2. Year, make and model of the vehicle
3. Description of what you are wanting us to do to your lights.
4. Your phone number should be added under your account, but it doesn't hurt to also include it in the checkout comments.

**Once your deposit is made we will reach out to you within 24 hours to go over the details of you project and provide you with the exact final cost.

The resources below go into all the details of what is involved with getting your headlights customized. We encourage our customers to review all of this information prior to reserving their appointment.


Here is a picture of contractor paper that can be purchased at Lowe's, Home Depot and probably other stores. It is cheap and will be enough to package a pair of lights. Be sure to check the thickness of the paper before buying. Some contractor paper is really thick and doesn't crumble up nicely. Avoid using that. Be sure to cover your headlight lenses with something soft as the paper can be abrasive on your lenses. Refer to tutorial above on tips for packaging lights.


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