2019-22 GM 1500 & HD Amber DRL kit

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This is a kit. Not a set of headlights.


Looking to change things up with your daytime running lights? We all love white running lights, but these amber DRL kits give your headlights a mean looking OEM+ appearance. 

This kit will covert your current DRL to run amber instead of white. This is not a switchback kit, nor does the DRL function as a turn signal with this kit. Just a bunch of basic amber awesomeness.

You must open your headlights in order to remove the OEM DRL LEDs and install the new LEDs. The kit includes a solid state relay harness that is simple to install. The relay harness provides power to your LEDs while isolating them to their own circuit so your truck will not throw any error codes.

LEDs are warrantied for 1 year from time of purchase. 

Directions on how to hook up your relay harness are included with the kit.  We do not provide instruction on how to open your lights to install the LED chips. We recommend baking your headlights to remove the lense. 

Fits the following trucks: 

2019-22 (not 22.5) Silverado & Sierra 1500 with LED DRL

2020-22 Silverado & Sierra HD with LED DRL