Money clips

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Want a more compact way of holding all your cards and fun coupons?! These metal money clips are the perfect minimalist approach to holding on to your spending tools ;) Easily hold up to 10 cards that can be easily accessed unlike some other designs that leave you standing at the counter looking like a shmuck trying to get your card out! The fun coupon clip is perfect for holding your dollar bills and tax write offs (receipts).

All designs have "Fun Coupon$" and the FH logo on the clip side (unless you choose "Custom" option). We will continue to add to this collection of enthusiast inspired designs, but if you have something you would like added to one of our clips we can most likely burn it on there for you. Just select the "Custom" option and then email us at with the images/info you would like added to the clip. Be sure to include in the subject line what you order number is (ex. Custom info for order ####).


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