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LED GRILLE LIGHT KIT: This custom line of Vision X grilles was made for us by our friends over at Royalty Core. These grilles have a satin black power coat over a rugged stainless steel frame.

OPTIONAL CG2 4.7INLIGHT CANNONS: The CG2 Light Cannons is Vision X's latest and greatest of the Light Cannon series. This configuration combines the distance of the big chip single source CG2 Cannon with the massive light output of the multi-LED version. The pairing of these two lights creates an unheard-of amount of brightness and distance ideal for any situation.

OPTIONAL XPR-9M LIGHT BAR: Utilizing top-binned 10-watt LEDs and large proprietary 1.5indiameter IRIS Reflectors, the XPR-9M Light Bar is capable of reaching a staggering 1,365 feet of usable light. This unmatched long-distance projection is also accompanied by precisely tilted IRIS Reflectors that create a unique combination beam pattern to provide even more visibility at the road's edge.

VISION X: This is known for producing some of the automotive industry's most unique, highest-performing LED Light bars and LED Spotlights for the modern demands of enthusiasts today. Their products perform on par with the best names in the business like Rigid, KC, and Baja, and are affordable, bomb-proof, and look great too. Vision X has their North American Headquarters in Washington State, and Headlight Revolution has been a proud master distributor for the brand for many years.


  • LIGHT PODS: 1x XPR-9M LED Light Pod or 4x Cannon GC2 LED Light Pods

  • HARDWARE: Mounting Brackets, Hardware, Grille Assembly

  • WIRING: 1x Wire Harness


  • XIL-OEGC14TTCG2: Vision X Grille LED System: Toyota Tundra (14-21) (Cannon CG2)

  • XIL-OEGB14TTXPR: Vision X Grille LED System: Toyota Tundra (14-21) (XPR-9M)


  • INTENSITY: 11,250lm (Cannon CG2), 9,711lm (XPR-9M)

  • POWER: 129w (Cannon CG2), 90w (XPR-9M)

  • CURRENT: 10.8A (Cannon CG2), 7.5A (XPR-9M) @ 12V DC